Community Letter of Understanding (Member CLOU)

The strength of the organization depends on the degree to which each member clearly defines their commitments to their colleagues--and the degree to which they live up to those commitments. Creating an "Community Letter of Understanding" supports the effective function of self management AND accountability. Commitments are open and accessible, making roles and responsibilities clear to all, and placing the responsibility for addressing performance issues upon those to whom the commitment was made.
The CLOU serves as an operating document for achieving work goals and makes explicit all of an associate's relevant performance metrics and deliverables and what functions and operations they will participate in to achieve their goals and contribute towards the company's goals. Members will drive the development of their personal CLOU with their colleagues- those they most directly work with.
CLOU's directly inform the considerations for compensation, are leveraged in the review processes, and will be referred to when a member is making a change or transition to a new function within Atlan or leaving the community.
In order for this to be a relevant tool, it must be agile and integrate into the regular work flow of fulfilling functions and ensuring the efficient and effective daily operations of the company. This tool must be designed for simplicity- making it easy to create and recreate a CLOU and to review another colleague's CLOU.

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