Free task manager for team of 3-5 people

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Free task manager for team of 3-5 people

A free task manager for a new e-commerce business with 3-5 people. Super lightweight, but can scale to 100s of people if need be.
This Coda template was inspired by this Reddit thread:
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The OP is a new e-commerce business and wants a free task manager that can serve their team of 3-5 people. Most small teams use Coda for free (and never pay) given the features on the of the platform. If you need paid features like unlimited size, hidden pages, and advanced (integrations), the cost is $12 per maker. Unlike other SaaS tools for project management, editors and viewers are always free.
This means if you copy this task tracker template and share it with your team (and you’re on the Pro plan), it doesn’t matter if you share the template with 3 people or 300 people. If those other teammates are simply editing the doc (filling in tables, editing formulas, etc.), you will never get charged more than $12/month (for you, the maker).
With that said, let’s go into the template. Let’s start with the

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