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4/1/19 Customer Notes

Customer Meeting with:
Macmillan Utility

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Cameron, TPM found out about us
Joe, her boss, wanted a demo after seeing more team members use the product
Need to send them NDA ASAP! ❗️
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Joe is the executive stakeholder for Macmillan
Cameron is a technical product manager


Cameron has been using product for a few weeks, thinks it's a good fit at Macmillan 🙌
Told one of her colleagues about the product and she started using it recently
Joe saw the product at a team meeting, and wanted a broader demo of the product

Demo Feedback

Cameron liked the new features in 2.0, said it reminded her of her early work on the Mutiny project
Joe was a little cautious of the new features 😟
Tried a similar product at Cardiff, eventually got shut down by CTO because of security issues
"This is similar to The Giant, that bombed at my last company."
Asked us about similar products he saw at COMDEX, a software and technology conference he attends every year

Use Cases

Joe's former colleague John Bosworth might find the product interesting
Is launching Macmillan Utility in the next 6 months to the masses, interested in using our product as the backend
Cameron is working on a video game side project, thinks it might be a useful product to test out her video game

Follow Ups & Questions
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@Send over an NDA
@Joe to setup intro with former colleague John
@Send Cameron stickers for laptop!

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