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Plan a conference with Slack

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Plan a conference with Slack

Plan a conference (virtual or in-person) and keep your conference co-organizers in the loop with automatic Slack messages.


Planning a conference involves outreach to speakers, getting sponsorships, and working out details with the venue. If your team is planning a conference and constantly communicating over Slack on how to coordinate all these efforts, this template will help you keep your team on track! With the Slack Pack, you can request updates via Slack from your team as the conference date gets closer. This way, everyone can discuss tasks and due dates for the conference as you are checking things off the list!


1️⃣ Enter your team members and their Slack usernames in the section.
2️⃣ List all the tasks in and request updates from your team via Slack by hitting the "Slack Owner" button.
3️⃣ View all tasks by team, so you can see which team needs to be nagged more on Slack 😊.
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