Indoor Air Quality business

testing costs in Bangalore now: 600 per test. enquire what is included.
We can offer:
Test @ 350/ as a mission safe air quality.
After test we provide natural safe solutions, not machines or anything.
After testing give them free book or 200rs book with group access.
Sell them plants too. With Offer vouchers.
Revenue estimates per day:
350*10 → 3500 in 2hrs in same apartment.
Hire volunteers from colleges:
Do testing rapidly and cover 1lakh homes in 1 month.
1000 people → 33/day → 33000 only.
10000 people → 10/day → 1L.
5000 people → 20/day → 1L
Services costs:
testing: 350 only
tester get 100rs + ref bonus 20%
book : 200rs, tester gets 50rs. + group access.
plants: 1000rs, tester gets 100rs.
Refer and get 10% on ur friends spendings.

Future linked services in same group :
fengshui : air, energy etc.
+ve energy:
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