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Performance Review

Standard tool for motivation and career development
January 10, 2021
Since I joined the workforce 10 years ago, performance reviews have gone from none existing to how much did you miss on those one-year-old commitments.
There are a couple of exceptions that cough my eye
They were laser focused on one thing, me
Let's dive into what performance reviews are intended for and see if there is another option.

The beginning

According to the University of Leicester in the UK,
The Performance appraisal starts with an evaluation, followed by reward and encouragement.
With an important emphasis on the organization's interest:
Skills required for the job
Training for the jobholder
Updated human resources portfolio
Agreed future agenda

Another aspect to consider It’s the Organization's values, as the organization will underpin individuals that align with people that share the same values
Moreover, the minimum value of the performance review is to discuss if the organization's objectives were met, which creates immense pressure on the employee.

The Year-end review

A few years ago, my yearly overview was due.
The process started with a self-assessment.
You read 5 different paragraphs per competency and you move a slider to the one that resonates the most.
You have the option to add comments to support that competency.
That's followed by my manager's assessment.
It was closed by a 1-on-1 so I could have an opportunity to object.
In retrospect, I did not feel at all prepared for that meeting
What my manager considered average, was not the same as what I considered average
I'm confused if my manager’s role is to remind me the value I brought or his role is to lower my expectations
I ended up with low selfworth

Beyond Performance Reviews

We can start by defining each problem,
problems for who?
So far we have mentioned 3 actors,
individual contributor
the organization
Each one having different motivators, It's not realistic to expect a single solution to be successful by focusing on one entity.
Let's try to define each actor's perspective and concerns

Stay tune

The next time, I'll continue with the manager’s and the organization’s perspectives

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