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Global Event Manager

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Global Event Manager

The one stop shop for global team event management

👋 Start Here! New Event

First things first. How do you add a new event to your teams calendar?
New Event
☝️Click the button above and add as many details as you know. When you are done, click the Add to Calendar button and close the window. Now it's reflected in Team Google Calendar and

The Menu

Hot damn, this looks complex, you say? I promise, it's not that crazy to learn. Check out the details below:
: A bird's eye view of all event dates and details in calendar form.
: The page where all resourcing and event logistics are managed.
: In one view, you can see how many events people are doing a month.
: The backlog of features, bugs and team requests to make this tool badass!
Databases [Read Only]
A list of all our clients and who oversees what accounts by team.
: The big cheese of all databases that pulls together all event information.
: All of the folks on our team and their details.
: Who is on our facilitation team globally and details about them.


Still need a bit of hand holding? It's all good! Here’s a where I presented this doc.

Questions or Suggestions? 👉
Ops Request

For questions and suggestions, please add them using the button above. To see the full list of requests from the greater team, please check out the view.

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