Personal Assistant (REMOTE, Full-time)

Do you dream of a dynamic role where international travel, entrepreneurship, and networking converge?

Can you envision yourself making impactful contributions to the success of a global entrepreneur?
What about the thrill of coordinating shoots, managing dating profiles, and overseeing important meetings, all in a day's work?
Join us as the Personal Assistant to Ivo, a global traveler, entrepreneur, and content creator. In this role, you'll be pivotal in orchestrating his eclectic mix of business, travel, and personal endeavors.

What Your Day-to-Day Will Look Like:

Travel Coordination: Seamlessly arrange and manage travel plans, ensuring Ivo's itineraries are optimized and hassle-free.
Content Creation Support: Assist in the ideation and production of content across various platforms, capturing the essence of Ivo's travels and business ventures.
Networking Facilitation: Leverage your communication skills to maintain and expand Ivo's network, engaging with stakeholders and partners.
Personal Endeavors: Dive into personal tasks with enthusiasm, from managing dating profiles to planning social events, embodying Ivo's dynamic lifestyle.

What You Need to Succeed in This Role:

Dynamic Organization: Juggle multiple tasks like travel coordination, event planning, and meeting setups with agility and precision.

Excellent Communication: Act as Ivo's voice in many instances, ensuring messages are conveyed clearly and relationships are nurtured.

Versatility: Embrace a broad range of tasks with open arms, from managing emails to capturing candid moments during travels.

What's In It for You:

Fully Remote Flexibility: Embrace the freedom of working from anywhere, perfect for those who thrive in a flexible working environment.

Growth Opportunities: Be part of a journey that's not just about work but personal development, offering unique experiences across the globe.

A Non-Traditional Workday: Say goodbye to the 9-to-5 grind. Your role, tailored around Ivo's dynamic schedule, invites creativity and adaptability.

Are you ready to be the linchpin in Ivo's exhilarating journey, blending business acumen with the adventure of global travel?

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