Admin Responses UI

Canned Replies is a deprecated term that has changed to Other Responses but is still in use on the admin side of Spoke. Other Responses is the term seen by texters and should make its way into the Admin UI. Canned Replies is a confusing term. I will use Other Responses in this design
Survey Answers, and Survey Responses can also get a little confusing. Many Spoke Campaigns are collecting data and/or taking contacts down a branched dialog via a set of Survey Questions. The reply from the contact is the Answer and the texter is marking their answer and responding with the next scripted response in the dialog tree.
Shortcuts are the buttons that appear in the texter ui to speed up the responding workflow
The All Responses menu contains both Survey Question Answer Responses and Other Responses, some of these show up as Shortcut Buttons.
This interface makes selecting which responses get shortcuts, the labels of those shortcuts, and the arrangement of the set of responses more intuitive and efficient for admin users.
Design for Scripted Responses
(was Canned Responses or Canned Replies)
Responses are displayed in a card with their title, message text, and optional shortcut button. In the example below there are two scripted responses and both get shortcuts. If one of them did not get a shortcut, the button would not show at all.
When editing or creating a new scripted response the admin user sees the card as an editable, savable form that also includes a way to delete the entire response.
See this Figma File:
Create via the “+Add Response” link/button at the bottom of the stack of cards
Read in a format that looks like a message and gives you an exellent sense for length or brevity
Update one message at a time **this could be explored in a different way where an edit toggles them all to editable but that feels overwhelming when I think about it.
Delete one message at a time via edit then trash/delete (there should probably be a confirmation)
Shortcut Buttons
The checkbox would be off by default. When the checkbox is checked, it would be very helpful to populate the label with the title of the response. Then it can be customized to be a concise button lable. Ideally, the label should allow emoji characters (e.g. 👍 )
Ordering Responses
Option A: Drag and drop cards to reorder
Option B: Gear button that let’s you organize card order, then leave organize mode by clicking outside a card
Option C: Little arrows that let you nudge up and down
Design for Survey Responses
A minimal approach would be to use the existing UI and simply add the checkbox + label field to each response. A more time consuming approach would be to completelly redesign the UI for crafting surveys (skipping that for now since that would probably also employ the checkbox pattern and feels significant enough to be it’s own design exploration)

August 2020 UI for Creating Other Responses
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