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Technical Test

Suppose you’re building a product for a new . You are the first Product Manager in the company. The founder declared that the value proposition offered by the company’s products “help our students to keep track of their assignments and information about the course”. The product itself can be either web or app based depending on your approach.
You want to build a Single Feature App, a kind of MVP with real functional software. Please propose your development plan and strategy to successfully launch the app and introduce the product to the market. Before any development starts, you need to pitch this idea to the management first as your stakeholders.
Please prepare a deck you would use in order to pitch the product to the management. Your presentation should be concise (i.e could be delivered no longer than 20 minutes). You may make assumptions about the features or functionalities that you pitch. Add key assumptions if necessary.
Tips for the presentation
It is recommended that during the presentation that you can deliver these key messages to ensure a successful pitch:
Clear understanding of the issue that the company is trying to solve. You need to identify what are the key problems are before determining any possible solutions
Clear understanding of the market landscape and the gap trends that exists within the market
Clear research outputs and consistency of message during the presentation
Data-driven approach and decision making. Use publicly available data (or any kind of source available to you) to strengthen your argument during the presentation
Strategic thinking : Breaking down the necessary steps to achieve the goal at hand
Clear step by step on the product implementation
The ability to showcase the MVP
Resource management and the capability to carry out the project
The ability to communicate your research findings with simple terms
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