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Written Test


Section 1

Why are you interested in becoming a Student Development Coordinator (SDC)?
First off, I got reached out by RevoU team to be a SDC, dunno what’s kind of role it is at first place but turn out it’s similar to TL, as I already become a TL previously so I assume I will be far more easy to catch up with it and actually it’s an honor to get this precious opportunity. Anyway as to the question :
- I want to keep help aspiring PMs to pursue their dream in career shifting, able to do so makes me willing to contribute more and more because it’s the key to #makingImpacts
- also being a meaningful product guy by #makingImpacts to our surroundings is always luring me. By doing so, it will undoubtedly lead to the product community in Indonesia to grow bigger.
- more importantly, I’m still active to be a mentor at one of mentorship platforms so that’s being said, I’m keen on mentoring activity and #makingImpacts since then to make everyone grow and seeing this happens make me feel satisfied.
If you are chosen as a SDC, you will need to spare your time and priority with us until June 2023. Will you be able to spare your time as SDC along that time while you are having other priorities? Please elaborate on your answer.
As I already gained an experience from TL scope, it remains bearable for me to do so. I once faced the struggling when I was having conflicted time management between my work and RevoU, during this time I tried prioritizing RevoU as my #1 prio if there is TL Simulation as my presence is required. Amid the unexpected situation commonly due to the WFO schedule, I would eagerly aim to share my knowledge to my students and it always be fun and fascinated knowing their curiosity and enthusiasm.
Other than that, I will be really open once the student is having difficulties with their understanding against the lecture, so frequently I discuss a particular topic that remains unclear for them to happily help clarify on that.

Section 2

You have a student that has a low performance criteria during the NEXT program. This student has never submitted their assets assignment (portfolio, CV, etc.) and during project, he would keep asking questions that he should've known during the learning period in Faculty(e.g "kak gimana sih nentuin market sizing?"), showing low self-learning skills during the early weeks of the LABS project. As his SDC, how would you deal with this situation?
Forgetting something in early phase is reasonable provided that the foundational understanding remains intact tho.
So to answer those questions is relatively simple since this is also my question during the first meeting discussing SDC role and I would not argue that the points addressed by RevoU team is a total make sense. as his SDC :
- I will try personally approaching those typical students why the progress shows downtrend
- first off, challenge #WHY comes up with the such questions? we need to know the reason behind why it becomes the student’s pain points, tweaking on this will lead to finding out core problems
- try to formulate which is best-fit approach to solve the problem, commonly the student is just overthinking and hesitate to do due to the unclear instruction, so we can recall and double clarify on #HOW the student is supposed to be once encountering such situations.
- so we don’t need to feed the fish rather we can teach them how to fish instead BUT we need to consider on how we “teach” them, as it’s also significantly important on building intimate connection between student and we as a mentor so they can openly share their thoughts in a way
- anyway, two of my students from batch FSPM May already hired by MIFX and Vidio, they both are extremely extra mile type person. what we can learn from this batch, the more frequently sharing things, the more they feel bond with the TL. So every time they applied, they will reach out TL to talk related to the case study. so yeah it’s very effective but it sacrifices our time.
Your student is getting demotivated from seeing her peers progressing and getting job offers while she has not progressed as much as she expected. As their SDC, how would you deal with this situation?
- The question is more into psychological situation which refers to on how we respond to someone’s success. not all job seekers are getting hired only because their capability fits since it highly depends on various aspects for instance the candidate might be less capable than others but possessing the same culture with company nature, it will increase the hire-able rate
- essentially, I would highly recommend to focus on the self-improvement rather than focusing on someone’s success, it’s no use and will decrease student’s productivity instead
- technically, I would tell pro-tips to get hired and how to succeed in hiring process based on my experience
- it might be effective for certain students but ineffective for others, yep we couldn’t please everyone rather it will end up pleasing none. logical analogy with this situation is not all stuff are sellable.
- most importantly, how we embrace unknown. we embark on different pace so don’t expect the same path. everyone has their own. so wise but dunno it would be effective and heart-touching or not wkwk

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