How to make better decisions: Practical exercises from professional poker
Knowledge Tracker


This page is meant for the facilitator of the meeting to lead a discussion with the team on the results.
Facilitator instructions
- Aggregate and edit results from the .
- Prepare results to be shared for discussion below.
1. For the decision and outcome chosen, is there a “generally accepted” belief (among team members or throughout the organization) that the decision was a good or a bad decision?
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2. If there was, prior to discussion, a generally accepted belief about the quality of the decision, was that consistent with the direction of the outcome?
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3. Do the individual Knowledge Trackers reveal somewhat consistent lists of the key facts, or do team members identify different sets of facts?
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4. Is there disagreement about whether some of the facts were known at the time of the decision?
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5. Could any of the information that revealed itself after the fact have been known at the time of the decision?
a. If yes, how can you include that information in future decisions? Why was it missed?
b. If no, could it be included in your decision process going forward?
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6. Did any of the participants think that the exercise influenced their belief in the quality of the decision?
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7. Can participants come up with other team or organizational decisions where the general conclusion about the quality of the decision could have been influenced by the outcome?
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