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In the past year, I’ve developed a new passion in nutrition. I spent a lot of time learning about nutrition labels and how the food industry impacts our health. I even signed up for a class called “Edible Education” at school to learn more about the food industry.
The first seminar I attended for that class was with Chef Alice Waters, who opened Chez Panisse, a Berkeley, California restaurant famous for its role in creating the farm-to-table movement and for pioneering California cuisine, according to Wikipedia.
At the seminar, she presented a perspective to food that I had never considered before, which marries flavors with health and environmental awareness. A question that was brought up in discussion really struck me,
“Why do we only have caloric labels, prices, and sometimes nutritional labels on foods? Wouldn’t it be a great if we know the environmental impact of our foods on top of those things?”
I went on and found that there are many reasons to why there isn’t an environmental impact label. Mostly because it is hard to quantify. But I don’t think that should be a reason to stop anyone who’s curious from learning more about the environmental impact of their diet. So I created this doc for anyone who’s interested in learning more about food and environment.

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