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Product Assignment

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is an AI powered application for helping students with their UPSC preparation. offers several AI features such as
NewsFeed where you get AI generated news summaries,
Meaning-based PYQ (previous year Question) search to find PYQs quickly,
TutorChat to help with UPSC related doubts,
Ask a book to answer questions referenced with UPSC books,
and more novel cutting-edge AI tools for helping UPSC aspirants. As a young and rapidly growing edtech startup, we believe GenAI will disrupt the future of education and that our GenAI products starting from will lead the disruption.
Here is a

Problem Statement

It has been reported by the growth team that UPSC prelims are around the corner and aspirants will want to appear for mock tests. However, currently does not have the mock-test feature. The growth team estimates that having a mock-test will not only help with growth but also improve user-retention during the next few months.


Your task is to develop a comprehensive plan to roll out the UPSC prelims mock tests with app.
To start with your plan, you might want to focus on
Value proposition for the user
What are the pain points of a UPSC aspirants giving a prelims exam that we can address? You may want to talk to a few UPSC aspirants for this. Further, as an AI centric company, what are the unique values we can provide to the users? How will unique offerings vary over time? Also, how will this feature scale?
Market Analysis
A lot of the competitors already offer free mock test series. How would our mock test feature be any different from others? How will this feature hit the growth and retention targets that the Growth team expects?
Additionally, for any plan you propose, please be very clear about your vision for the following
User experience and design
UPSC prelims is a long exam and is a mobile application. How can we improve the user experience for taking this exam? Where will this feature rest in the current application?
Launch and roll out strategy
What is your GTM strategy for your proposed feature?


Please, provide two documents
A comprehensive document
Explaining the vision for the UPSC prelims mock test feature that covers the value proposition, the market analysis, initial design ideas, and launch strategies.
A detailed product requirement document Explaining the version zero of the feature that can be rolled out by the tech team in the next sprint. This document should clearly articulate a simple version of the comprehensive vision. Something that will lay the foundation of your overall mock-test vision—think about the parts that you would want to prioritize and a small team can deliver within a week.
Submission Guidelines
Please, feel free to include any graphics, visual boards, and other tools (miro or excalidraw) to describe your vision. Also, feel free to use Notion, GoogleDocs, Latex, or something else that nobody has ever heard of to compile your documents. In the form below, you can upload your documents.
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