Murder Mystery Party Planning!

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So you want to host a murder mystery party?

This doc will help you plan it!


This doc will help you invite players, find a time, and select a game in 8 easy steps.


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2. Put together a list of friends who you want to invite. Add your friends in the page.
3. Find some games want to play and add them in the page.
4. Once you have people, send out this to your friends.
5. Responses will flow into the page.
6. Pick a date based on availability and feel free to as well as inform others that their presence will be missed .
7. Now you need to select a game! Go to the page to pick a game based on the number of players.
8. Depending on the selected game, make sure you send a personal email to each player regarding how/when to meet, character details, and more.
Have fun!

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