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Morning Strategy: Work Design

Good Morning!

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wake up in a world of natural work

We are Morning Strategy: a work design consultancy based in Toronto, Canada.

We design systems to activate your knowledge & processes.

💻 Enable your workers to be self-managed, autonomous, and asynchronous 🌗

We believe in:
collaborative problem identification
facilitating team sessions to understand the shape of (and frictions in) your work
customer-centred systems design
creating holistic solutions for great customer experiences
maximizing worker autonomy
moving decision making to the right people (often those closest to your customer)
activating knowledge
joining your knowledge with your work to surface and act on your organization’s learnings and competitive advantages
the future (it’s as real as the past)
designing foresight (and hindsight) into operations and strategy

When we say ‘we’, we mean:
Andy Farnsworth
history: 10 yrs in process, policy, transformation
a weirdo for: systems & solutions
obsesses over: knowledge & process management

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Haley MacDonald
history: 12 yrs in nonprofit product & work design
a weirdo for: empathy & information
obsesses over: digital & problem space definition

proudly building tools in
Suite of Services - morning strategy logo2.jpg

(c) morning strategy 2022

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