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Tracking Your Wardrobe with Coda & NFC Buttons

I am using Coda, Sewn on NFC Buttons and Apple Short cuts to create a way to track what I am wearing on a daily basis in an easy way. You can .
The use of API + Shortcuts was heavily heavily influenced by
I would 100% follow the steps he uses above to get all the Coda API details. The only change would be when you are at the step of downloading his Shortcut use this one instead:
Update that Shortcut with the correct API information (copy/paste from .)
You now have an empty shell of a Apple Shortcut that will pass in “Text”. What I have done is create a new automation for each piece of clothes I have. Those automations will call the above created Shortcut to update your doc (In my case I am updating the Wear Log tab.
The NFC Automation Looks Like this:

Essentially you scan in an NFC button, have the action of scanning the NFC start the script which does the following:
Vibrate your phone
Set the Text to the itemid that matches the clothing in my Inventory document.
Set the variable inputText to the above Text
Run the previously created Shortcut which includes all the Coda API information to update your doc with the item it in the wearlog after each scan in.

If you are interested in testing out an NFC button for yourself I have a few buttons left over. Just , I have 20 left.

Sewing NFC is ridiculous, do you have a way to do this without needing to import hundreds of buttons from China?
Yes! This is actually a really cool way to manage/track and log things. Instead of having the NFC trigger you can create a normal Shortcut with the itemid hard coded and add the icon to your phone homescreen. I have done this with a handful of clothing/shoes that I didn’t want to sew buttons to yet.
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