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Tech Worker City Relocation Analysis Tool
Relocation City Analysis For Remote Work and FIRE

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Glossary of Terms

Income: Gross Income Before Taxes (Total Comp)
Housing Prices: Home Prices were pulled from using their “Zillow Home Value Index” by city or metro using the average of October 2021-December 2021 for each city.
Rent Prices: Monthly Median 2-Bedroom Rental Prices
Median Home: Using Zillow’s median home sales price data for the city or metro.
Effective Local Tax Rate Local + State Income Tax Rate: Using SmartAsset’s state income tax calculators for the selected income amount. Total state + city taxes/ Income. These are all Married Filing Jointly and assume $40k 401k contributions for income levels >= $100k.
Local + State Income Tax: Effective Local Tax Rate x Income
Property Tax Rate: Estimated property tax rates as a percent of the property’s overall sale price. This was manually pulled/calculated based on each city’s tax assessor.
Annual Property Tax: Property Tax Rate x Housing Price
Annual Local Tax Burden: Local and State Income Tax
Annual Mortgage Payments or Rent: Mortgage calculated based on 4% interest rates and Rent = Median Rent x 12
Annual Local Tax Burden + Housing: Annual Mortgage Payments + Annual Local Tax Burden
Nice Days: based on data from Brian Brettschneider who wrote a piece on . His definition was based on moderately warm temp, partial sunshine, minimal wind, low humidity, and no rain.
Cost Per Nice Day: (Annual Local Tax Burden + Housing)/ Nice Days
Days Over 90°: Number of days where the high temperature exceeded 90 Degrees
Days Under 30°: Number of days where the low temperature was under 30 Degrees
Vaccination Rate: Covid 19 Vaccination Rates for the County as of January 30th based on NYTimes
Public School Ranking: Using’s City/Places School ranking where A+ = 10, A = 9, A-= 8 and so on.
City Presidential Party: The presidential party with the greatest % of votes in the 2020 US elections. Based on the full county the city is part of.
SFO Flight Time: If there is a direct flight available to San Francisco, the estimated flight time.
NYC Flight Time: If there is a direct flight available to New York, the estimated flight time.
Climate Risk: A city’s vulnerability to climate change. Risk incorporates exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity. Taken from
Climate Readiness: Readiness is a function of economic, governance, and social readiness. Taken from

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