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Tech Worker City Relocation Analysis Tool

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Data Sources

The following are data sources that were used:
All State Income Tax Calculations were based off for each state.
Home Prices were pulled from using their “Zillow Home Value Index” by city or metro using the average of October 2021-December 2021 for each city.
Property Taxes were initially pulled from Zillow but I found them very unreliable for this data. I ended up needed to go to each cities tax assessor website and hunting down the data. This still isn’t perfect as each county seems to calculate things very different. Please let me know if you find an error.
Nice Days was based on data from Brian Brettschneider who wrote a piece on . His definition was based on moderately warm temp, partial sunshine, minimal wind, low humidity, and no rain. After reaching out to Brian over twitter he was kind enough to share with me his own spreadsheet which I used for my “Nice Days” column. Data is from <2018.
Vaccination Rates are based on for the county the city is in as of January 2022.
Public School rankings are pulled from’s school rankings and translating their A+ - C- scale to 10-2 (A+ =10 and C- =2)
Climate data based on Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative data available here
Flight times from
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