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Key Visual Elements

Beyond a brand’s logos, visual elements can be used to make a brand unique and memorable. When made with this intent, they’re called Key Visual Elements. They work hand in hand with the rest of the elements, creating a system that expresses the brand’s DNA and values beyond a single mark.
Key Visuals are elements designed to be unique to the brand and custom fit for the type of touch points the brand has.


The main key visual element is derived from the brand's icon. We interpreted this as the top of a cone from where different rays emanate. This shows LEC as the pinnacle of eye care that helps Bicolanos see a brighter future.

LEC_KV Rays.png

The rays emanate from a central point. These are more flat, 2-D applications of the key visual. The rays may be used alone as accents, or as part of a pattern.

LEC_KV Cones.png

The cones have more dimension than the rays. They may be used as blown up graphic elements in different applications.

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