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Verbal Identity

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Brand Narrative & Personality

A brand narrative is the foundation of the brand. It goes hand-in-hand with our visual identity, providing depth and context to custom visuals. It also serves as a jump-off point for the creation of brand legacy content. Brand personality serves as an internal guide for the way we write copy in a clear and consistent manner. These traits help communicate our personality beyond visuals.

Brand Narrative

The pinnacle of Bicolano eyecare

Legazpi Eye Center provides world-class, total eye care to the entire Bicol Region. Through our values of integrity, patient-centrism, and compassion, we give Bicolanos the eye care they deserve and more.

Key Messages

1. Total Eye Care for all

Focus on how Legazpi Eye Center offers comprehensive eye care (services, facilities)
The Legazpi Eye Center is Bicol’s first and only ambulatory surgical center to offer complete and high-tech facilities to cater to a whole host of eye concerns. Our full range of optical, ophthalmologic and surgical services puts our center at par with other world class facilities.
Emphasize that Legazpi Eye Center doesn’t discriminate, but is inclusive of all people and patients
We’re bringing the Legazpi Eye Center standard of care closer to the rest of Bicol. Our newest centers in Sorsogon and Naga City are available to take on all kinds of eye care cases and concerns for every Bicolano.

2. The Legazpi Eye Center standard of care

Promote the excellence and leadership of Legazpi Eye Center group practice, specialists, and health professionals
Legazpi Eye Center (LEC) started as a solo medical practice of ophthalmologist-optometrist couple, Dr. Rollo and Rosita Milante. In 2005, they were joined by five other ophthalmologists, transforming it into a group practice. Today, LEC’s roster is made up of the country’s top practicing ophthalmologists, specialists, optometrists, and highly trained health professionals.
Reiterate our commitment to patient-centric care
Legazpi Eye Center’s culture is rooted in our core purpose of providing the best patient-centric eye care center accessible to Bicolanos. We lead by placing our patient’s best interests first.

3. Bicol first

Our story is rooted in our community
Legazpi Eye Center was borne from the desire to serve Filipinos, particularly Bicolanos. Foregoing a more lucrative practice in Manila, Dr. Rollo Milante returned home to Legazpi City to set up the first ophthalmic ambulatory surgical center in the region.
Driven by our passion to serve
Through our newest centers, we’re bringing the same compassion and care that we have in Legazpi to the rest of Bicol, in fulfillment of our vision. We help Bicolanos have a brighter future through free medical missions and other services. Legazpi Eye Center is proud to have around a fourth of its consultations free of charge for charity.

Brand Personality

The Legazpi Eye Center brand empathizes with everyone we interact with, regardless of position or status. We give time to understand the concerns of our patients and everyone in the institution.

As an institution, we conduct ourselves in a morally upright manner and this must be apparent in all our brand communications. We speak clearly without being too inaccessible or jargon-heavy.

Legazpi Eye Center celebrates differences and recognizes the inequality each person faces. This ladders up to our vision and core purpose of providing all Bicolanos patient-centric, total eye care

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