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Verbal Identity

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Brand Name & Descriptor & Hierarchy

Brand Name

Legazpi Eye Center

Correct and incorrect usage

To avoid confusion, Legazpi Eye Center must always be spelled out. Observe proper case. LEC is also an acceptable abbreviation, most especially in written materials. This must be consistent across all public or external facing materials of the brand.
✅ Legazpi Eye Center

❌ Legazpi Eye
❌ legazpi eye center


Total Eye Care

As we enter different parts of Bicol, we want a tagline that pushes the USP of Legazpi Eye Center. “Total Eye Care” shows our unique selling proposition, which is that Legazpi Eye Center is the provider of world-class and comprehensive eye care for all Bicolanos.

Brand Hierarchy

This section details how and when to use the “Legazpi Eye Center + Location Descriptor”

Prioritize the use of Legazpi Eye Center in all collaterals, most especially when referring to the Legazpi City center.

Because we are pushing the Legazpi Eye Center brand of care across the Bicol region, we have to consistently refer to Legazpi Eye Center sans the descriptor whenever we are talking about the brand or the institution.
Ex. Legazpi Eye Center is the only ambulatory surgical center for ophthalmology in Bicol.

When referring to the other centers — especially in the context of location-specific business such as appointments — that is when we attach the location descriptor.

This can be used for signage lockups, event posters, appointments, and other executions that will need the location specified. As much as possible, use the “Legazpi Eye Center + ____ City”, including the word city.
Ex. Legazpi Eye Center - Sorsogon City will be holding a free ophthalmologic consultation on October 20, 2022, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. First come, first served.

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