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Secondary Logo


The secondary logo is the wordmark. It is used primarily on but not limited to products, print materials and digital applications when the given space does not permit the use of the primary logo. Below are the versions of the secondary logo and their recommended usage.



The two-color secondary logo must be used on full color applications.
Archipelago - Logo-10.png


The one-color secondary logo has three color variations: Archipelago Blue and Archipelago Dense Black. and white. They must be used on materials where application is limited to one (1) color. For example embroidery on uniforms, stamps, decals, signage, laser engraving etc.
Archipelago - Logo-11.png
Archipelago - Logo-12.png
ARC Assets-23.jpg

Simplified Version

The simplified version of the secondary logo omits the etching details. This can be used on applications that don’t permit small details.
ARC Assets-20.png
ARC Assets-21.png
ARC Assets-22.jpg

Color Use

The secondary logo versions must be used mostly against a background colored in Archipelago cream or white, or any light colored background that allows the logo to pop.
ARC Secondary Color Use-17.png
If the background is dark, use the white versions of the primary logo.
ARC Assets-29.png

Clear Space & Minimum Size

Clear space is a space surrounding the logo set to ensure elements surrounding the logo will not overlap or obscure it.
The clear space of the secondary logo is based on half of the width of the letter A, made into a square.
ARC Assets-15.png
The minimum size of the primary logo is at a width of 2 inches. This is the smallest possible size that you can use this mark.


ARC - Secondary MisuseArtboard 1.jpg
Do not compress the logo when scaling.
ARC - Secondary MisuseArtboard 3.jpg
Do not rotate the logo.
ARC - Secondary MisuseArtboard 5.jpg
Never apply gradients to the logo.
ARC - Secondary MisuseArtboard 7.jpg
Do not alter the composition of the logo.
ARC - Secondary MisuseArtboard 8.jpg
Do not use the first 3 letters of the wordmark in place of the illustrated 3-letter mark.

ARC - Secondary MisuseArtboard 2.jpg
Do not distort the logo’s form in any way.
ARC - Secondary MisuseArtboard 4.jpg
Do not alter the color of the logo.
ARC - Secondary MisuseArtboard 6.jpg
Never apply effects such as shadows and glows.
ARC - Secondary MisuseArtboard 9.jpg
Never place anything close to, beside, or under the logo.

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