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Verbal Identity

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Brand Tone

Verbal Values

While the visual identity of Archipelago does a lot of heavy lifting for the brand, the verbal identity is as equally important in that it should be able to tell a Filipino story without dramatization and exoticism. At its heart, Archipelago is genuine in its mission to uplift and represent the Philippines, and introduce it to a global audience. Here are important verbal values to keep in mind when writing for the brand.

Illustrative and descriptive

The copy should be able to describe the variety of flavors and smells of the products, relying heavily on the five senses. The goal when writing copy is to approximate what a drinker should expect when drinking any Archipelago product. For example:
Fresh highlights of pomelo and calamansi, with earthy coriander, savory juniper, pine and a rounding of mango. Hints of perfumed lavender.

Storytelling is key to every botanical and ingredient that goes into the product. Where does it come from? What does it add to the product? For example:
Handcrafted from 28 botanicals, 22 of which are locally sourced and foraged across the Philippine islands, our flagship ARC Botanical Gin offers a citrus-forward botanical mix that includes pomelo, oranges and calamansi, Benguet pine from the Cordillera Mountains of northern Luzon, fresh mango from our family farm in Pangasinan, and a medley of fresh tropical flowers that include sampaguita, ylang-ylang and kamia.

Equally important to the botanicals are the processes these ingredients undergo. The copy must be able to highlight the integrity and complexity of Archipelago’s processes, serving not only to describe but to educate as well. For example:
Our state-of-the-art 450-liter CARL hybrid copper pot still allows us to undertake a slow, carefully controlled 8-hour distillation. The importance of copper cannot be underestimated, which is a hallmark of our custom CARL pot still, its whiskey helmet and the efficient 7-plate column.

Pride of place

Emphasis should be placed on the grandeur and bounty of the Philippine archipelago while diligently avoiding exoticism. For example:
After distillation, we slowly hydrate our spirits to a bottling strength using clean, pure spring water drawn from underground aquifers fed by the watershed of Mt. Makiling Nature Reserve in Laguna.

Highlight awards, features and articles written about the products.
Enjoy a generous tasting of our award-winning spirits.

Communicate Archipelago’s availability worldwide.
A perfect gift for your loved ones abroad, Archipelago is available in various global retailers. Introduce your friends and family to a paradise of botanical wonders.

Authenticity in every step

Show transparency and share what the brand does in every step of the distillation process, with an aim to educate and uplift.
Today, a new craft distilling movement is writing a new chapter in the history of distilling, embracing the time-honored traditions of precision and craft.
We are a small family-owned enterprise, committed to promoting the very best of the Philippines.

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