English course
Week 5 Sports

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Homework 5

Task №1: Listening

Watch the video

Task №2: Reading

Read the text
go back — зародиться
rub — натирать
were bound with — обвязаны
maim for life — остаться калекой
concede defeat — признать поражение
introduce — ввести в практику
space roped off — пространство, отгороженное канатом
Boxing is an old sport, going back to the days of ancient Greece, where it was an important part of the Olympic Games. The Olympics were held during the hottest part of the summer, and the boxers were rubbed with oil to limit perspiration. Their hands were bound with heavy leather strips often loaded with lead or iron. So fighters were frequently maimed for life. There were no rounds and no time limits — the men fought until one of them conceded defeat.
The sport passed from Greece to Rome, but after the fall of Rome it was unknown in Europe until the 18th century, when James Figg introducedgloveless fighting in England, and opened a boxing school in London. He built an amphitheatre with a square space roped off for the fighters. Figg didn’t believe in rest periods, and a fight continued without stop until one man had obviously won.”


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