English course
Week 1 Memory

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Homework 1

Task 1 Listening and answer the questions
Task 2 Reading the text and answer the questions
Situation 1
— Mum, where have my apps gone?
— I've no idea, Jack. Sorry.
— Charlie! Why did you delete all the apps on my tablet? They were all here yesterday!
— Please don't shout, Jack. Go and find him and ask him politely.
— I haven't touched your apps. You're always blaming me for ...
— Look at this room. Can you both tidy it up now?
— In a minute, Mum. I've just got to ...
— Give me that tablet at once, Jack! I've asked you both to clear this mess up. You can have it back then.
— OK.
Situation 2
— Where is it ...? Amy!
— Yes?
— Have you seen my red top?
— Um ...
— You know, the one with the buttons on it.
— Um, yes. Sorry, you were out, and I needed something to wear to a party.
— So where is it?
— Um, it's in the washing machine.
— Amy! What about my new jeans? They're missing too. Did you ...
— Not me. I promise. They don't even fit me.
— How do you know?
— Well, I did try them on, but that was ages ago. Just after you bought them.
— Amy! I know you're my sister, but you could ask!


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