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My year of wonder

How you can help me celebrate this year!
As I approach my 50th birthday, I'm excited to kickstart a year-long journey filled with shared experiences, creating memories, and learning new things. Please join me in celebrating by sharing something... about you.
Let's create some memories together or at least help me create some new experiences.

Choose your own adventure to learn about the day.

If you like to dig into details, read More.

If you just want the main facts see below:


What: Help me celebrate 50 years by helping me have 50 new experiences.
When: June 30th, 2024 - June 29th, 2025 (but you can add the ideas now...).
Please share an idea of something we can do together (for example, a book we can read together, a meal we can cook together, something we can build, a place we can visit).
Click on the link below and write in something for us to do together.
Also, I would love suggestions for other experiences for me to consider.
If you can’t think of anything, then maybe select one of the other items in the list for us to do together.
Please keep in mind, I would like to do all of this in one year. So I am asking for a small window into something you enjoy, something that will not take that long to complete.
What next: Let me know when you share an idea for us to do together. We can find time to make it happen.


I'm excited to share my plans for celebrating this milestone birthday! Instead of a traditional party, I'm embarking on a year-long adventure of shared experiences, building (audacious) memories and learning new things. I'd love for you to be a part of this with me by sharing a bit of something you love with me.
My goal is to create 50 new memories over the course of the year, but with fewer than 50 invitees, I'll need your help to reach this milestone.
Here's how you can join in:
Share a bit of you: There is so much I do not get to share or learn from my family and friends. Can you think of an activity you enjoy that we haven't yet experienced together? It could be something as simple as trying a new recipe together or learning something new or visiting a place. Your ideas will help make my year of celebration truly special because I am sharing in something about you.
Suggest something for my bucket list: What exciting activities or adventures have you been dreaming of that you think I might enjoy? Whether it's watching a certain old film or going on a road trip or trying something new, I'd like to hear your suggestions for experiences that will bring joy and excitement to me (maybe us both).
Fresh out of ideas? Look at the idea list, and put your name into the last column for us to do together
While my goal is 1:1 time, some of the ideas could end up being group activities. For example, the wine course, if more than one person wants to join, it could end up being a way for a group to do it together online. But it means you still have to do 1:1 something with me!!
To make sharing ideas easy, I've set up a place where you can share your idea for us, as well as any other ideas I should be thinking about. You can access the forum by clicking here:
Any questions? Just ask me.
Thank you for being a part of my life, and I can't wait to celebrate this milestone with you in a truly memorable and meaningful way.

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