E-Commerce Website for the Artist, Zoe Burke

Capstone Project 1
(Real Client)
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Project Background
Zoe Burke (b. 1991, NYC) is an American multimedia artist. Her disciplines are highly mutable but she identifies as a musician, performer, sculptor and illustrator. She has defines her journey as an artist as, “
an American who is invested in exploring the myopic amnesia and the persistent sense of loss that is exclusive to America.” She has a well defined aesthetic exemplified here in the Guardian article, ' She recently made a series of ceramic vases, which she hopes to create an e-commerce site to display, archive, and (most importantly) sell work online. She has a , but wants to build a separate site for her ceramic business.
The goal of this project is to create a responsive and running e-commerce website for Zoe Burke.
Deliverables to DL and Zoe: Design Lab asks for 80 hours to complete this project.* Their final deliverable will be a high-fidelity prototype to hand off to developers. Zoe needs an e-commerce website as soon as possible. (Scheduling and deliverables discussion will be on 6/10.)
High Level Design Goals and Objectives
Build a relationship with my client and understand the business
Balence User and Business Goals
Help Business identify their market and users
Design easy-to-use e-commerce website
Maintain and elevate client’s current branding

Web Development (& Budget)
Non-Mutable Content (High res pictures are already available.)

Key Features (dependent on upcoming research)
Products page
Company history or “about us”
Email Signups
Check out pages

High Level Task List:
Schedule Meeting with Business Owner
Create a document that expresses the expectations from both the client and me
Secondary Market and Competitive Analysis
User interviews
Persona Creation
User navigation patterns and task flows
Sketches and Designs
Development (Either recruit developer or upload designs on Webflow or Square)
Case Study
Optional: Help business with product’s/ site’s PR.

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