Client Interview Outline

Tell me about your business:
Zoe Burke Studios
Client Business Description:

What does your business entail?
What I think: Selling one-of-a-kind designer objects
Client Answer:

What do you offer (on the surface and on a deeper level)?
What I think: Art Objects, Connection to New York’s Art World, Strong Cultural Perspective, Escapism, Artist Investment,
Client Answer:

How do you measure success?
What I think: Sales

Who are your users? (buyers, b2b buyers, collectors, galleries, friends, followers, etc.)
Who are your “competitors?” (ceramic studios, artists, designer furniture stores, pottery barn?)
You already have such a strong aesthetic. How would you describe your branding? Have you considered ways you would like your branding/ business to transcend to web?
Have you seen other sites from artists or businesses that resonate with you?

What are your goals for the site?
What is your timeline?
How available and hand-on would you like to be during the process?
Do you have clients we could recruit for user interviewers?
Can I publish a case study of this design process on my online portfolio?

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