New Hire Onboarding + Emails Messenger

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New Hire Onboarding + Emails Messenger

Keep track of onboarding tasks and email new hires directly from a Coda doc, all with a push of a button.

Introducing our new hire onboarding tracker with auto-filled onboarding emails!

Say goodbye to the hassle of typing, copying, and pasting onboarding materials for each new hire - and say hello to completing that task with a push of a button.
With this tracker and email messenger, you can streamline the onboarding process and ensure that each new employee receives all the necessary information and training on time. Make a copy and get started with your new hire onboarding tracker today.
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To Get Started.

1. Enter your company name here 👉

2. Recruiters to add new hires to

3. People Ops onboard new hires through the following flow:

Send and 2 weeks before the Start Date
With information provided, fill in
Send 1 week before the Start Date
Send 1 week before the Start Date
Use the to keep track of all tasks

Ready to take it out for a test drive?

Make yourself your own copy to play with:
Copy this doc
Delete all the people data so you can add your own:
Delete rows
Note: When you push this button all of the People data in the and will be removed.

Test out the

Add your Coda account and email to all empty fields. Make sure it is within an appropriate date range.
See an email where you are everyone: new hire, onboarding buddy, manager and People Ops!


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