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HeadRace Recruiter FAQ
HeadRace Recruiter FAQ

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Marektplace vs. Direct Searches

Breakdown of what to expect for each HeadRace search type.

Understanding the Different Search Types

What’s the difference between Marketplace vs. Direct searches?

There are many differences between the search type and if you’re every confused on a given search, please reach out to us at Here’s a brief summary to get you started:
Marketplace - a one-to-many contingent search with a lower, fixed dollar reward. These searches are open to all recruiters using HeadRace. These searches could be viewed as fairly standard contingent searches, but depending on the opportunity, the employer may choose to engage more with you.
Direct - a one-to-one search. You will work closely with the employer, oftentimes in a contained or retained search structure. These searches are invite-only; invites are distributed to recruiters based on the robustness of their profile data (which powers our matching algorithm), so make sure to keep your profile up-to-date to receive more invites. This is the most involved search type and represent the largest earning opportunities on HeadRace.

Expectations of recruiters for each search type

It’s important to understand the expectations within each search type to ensure that your goals are aligned with the employer’s goals. If you’re ever unclear of what’s expected, please reach out to the HeadRace team directly via .
Marketplace - low to medium-touch model. Medium communication with the employer. View it as a contingent search, so expect to manage promising candidates through the interview process. Depending on the employer you may also calibrate closely with the employer using the chat feature.
Direct - high-touch model. Significant communication with the employer (via dedicated Slack channel). Most oftentimes structured as a contained or retained search, you will work side-by-side with the employer, thoroughly calibrating the search and making adjustments accordingly.

Typical placement fees

Placement fees will vary depending on the type of search and the level of the role. But in general, typical fees can be bucketed the following ways:
Marketplace: ~$5k - $35k per hire, fully contingent
Direct: ~$35k+ per hire, some portion guaranteed (retained)

Can everyone work on all search types?

Marketplace roles are open to all recruiters on HeadRace. Only qualified and vetted recruiters have access to Direct roles. In order to become a qualified and vetted recruiter, your recruiter profile must be approved by the HeadRace team. See the section of the FAQ for more information.
Detailed search comparison table

Marketplace Searches

What is a Marketplace role?

Marketplace roles are a one-to-many contingent search with either a fixed dollar reward or percentage based placement fee (e.g. 20% of first year cash comp.) These searches are open to all recruiters using HeadRace. These searches could be viewed as fairly standard contingent searches. Depending on the opportunity, the employer may choose to engage more with you.
Marketplace roles are typically fairly “standard” roles, meaning they are not highly specialized or super senior. Examples roles include: Account Executives, Software Engineers, Product Managers, BizOps + GTM Managers, etc.

Who has access to Marketplace roles?

Marketplace roles are open to all recruiters on HeadRace who have been approved to join the platform.

How do I view new Marketplace roles?

You can view new roles from both your HeadRace dashboard and the marketplace tab on the side bar.
HeadRace Dashboard
Login to
Screensnap 1.png

Marketplace tab
Login to
Click on Marketplace ​
Click on the Invites tab, and you will see the list of marketplace roles ​
You can review high-level stats about the role including information on the role type, the estimated salary, the total reward amount, and how many candidates have been submitted so far ​
Click into the role to view more information about the company and the role itself

Confirming your interest (or disinterest) in a Referrals role

If you’d like to work the role, click the checkmark button to save it to your roles ​
If you’re not interested, instead click the thumbs down icon. This will remove it from your Marketplace feed.

Submitting candidates to a marketplace role

Just as with all other HeadRace search types, before you submit a candidate, the candidate must be informed of their candidacy, and they must confirm their interest in the role. Once that is all squared away, simply click into the role and click the Refer Candidate button in the upper right. You will be prompted to input information about the candidate. Once done, click Submit — then you’re all set.
screensnap 2.png
For a more fulsome explanation of how to submit candidates to a role, please review this section here: .

Candidate accept/pass statuses

It’s important to understand the terminology HeadRace uses to denote the status of a given candidate. The definitions of each status are as follows:
Submitted - Candidate has been submitted to the employer for review. The employer has not yet accepted nor passed on the candidate. They are effectively waiting for evaluation from the employer.
Accepted - Candidate has been accepted into the first round of the interview process. Most commonly this is a phone screen. Once your candidate has been accepted, you and the candidate will be notified via email. An email will introduce the candidate to the employer and ask the employer for their availability.
Pass - Candidate has been passed on by the employer. A candidate can be passed on after being Submitted. They can also be passed on after being Accepted (for example, if the first round interview went poorly). The candidate is no longer eligible to be hired.
Hired - Candidate has signed the offer letter. Note: the offer letter MUST be signed and uploaded to HeadRace to designate a candidate as “Hired". This candidate status of Hired is what triggers the payment flows within HeadRace.
If you believe an employer has places the candidate in the wrong column, please reach out to

Role statuses (Paused/Closed)

Marketplace roles may change statuses depending on how the search is progressing. There are 3 possible statuses for Marketplace roles:

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