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HeadRace Recruiter FAQ
HeadRace Recruiter FAQ

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Your Recruiter Profile

Everything you need to know about your HeadRace recruiter profile.

What is my HeadRace recruiter profile?

Your HeadRace recruiter profile is a representation of who you are as a professional recruiter, highlighting your focus areas, previous candidate placements, and client endorsements. It reflects your strengths and preferences as a recruiter and should be viewed as marketing collateral that you can use to win new business.

Example profile (w/ dummy data):


What is the profile used for?

The data in your recruiter profile is what ultimately powers HeadRace’s intelligent matching algorithm. We evaluate all the data included in your profile to try to create the best recruiter-opportunity matches.
Additionally, employers using HeadRace have the ability to search through recruiters on HeadRace — and the search results are based on the data you include in your recruiter profile.
Recruiters are also able to use their HeadRace recruiter profile to market themselves outside the platform. See the section below to learn more about sharing your profile publicly.

How much time does a good profile take?

We recommend taking your time to create a high quality, marketable profile that truly highlights your strengths and the things you’d like to work on.

Understanding the components of your profile

Your profile is broken up into the following sections:

Personal + Professional Information

Your name
Your photo
Your location
Your role title
Your LinkedIn
Your top functional areas - what types of functions do you most commonly place? Engineering, product, sales, finance, etc.
Your search preference - do you prefer retained, contingent, or both?
Your placement fee range - what do you typically charge for a search (your high and low)

Time to Placement

This is the average amount of time it takes for you to place a candidate during a search

About this Recruiter

A brief 1-2 paragraph pitch that can be used to tell people about who you are, your background, your focus areas, your aspirations, etc.


Share endorsements from previous client engagements

Placement History

We recommend adding all of your placements in the last 2-3 years (usually works out to be ~20-25 placements)
To the extent possible, highlight your expertise in certain areas by ensuring you have 5+ placements in your relevant functional areas. For example, if you want to work on Product searches, make sure you input at least 5 Product placements. The more the merrier.
Each placement will need to include the following pieces of information:
Company - the name of the company the candidate was placed at
Company Stage at Hire - Early (Seed-Series A), Mid (Series B-D), Late (Series E+)
Function - the functional area the candidate worked in
Role - the candidate’s role title
Level - the approximate seniority level of the candidate
Candidate LinkedIn - the candidate’s LinkedIn URL
Location - the candidate’s working office
Candidate Start Date - the date the candidate started in the new role
Note that there are other parts of your profile, but these parts will auto-populate with the data you input in the sections above.

How to add placements to your profile

(2 min)
Login to
Click on your avatar in the bottom left, then click My Profile ​
Click Edit Profile in the upper right ​
Scroll down to Placement History, click Add Placement ​
Input the required information ​
Scroll to the top of page, click Save ​

What is my Candidate Acceptance Rate?

What is the Candidate Acceptance Rate?

The Candidate Acceptance Rate (CAR) is a measure that reflects the number of candidates a recruiter submits for all roles, compared to the number of candidates approved by employers to proceed into the interview process.

How is the Candidate Acceptance Rate calculated?

The CAR is calculated as a status Excellent, Above Average, Average, and Below Average. We divide the total number of candidates accepted for interviews by the total number of candidates submitted by the recruiter for all roles to help calculate your status.

Why does the Candidate Acceptance Rate matter?

The CAR is important as it acts as a reflection of the quality and suitability of the candidates a recruiter submits for roles. The higher the CAR, the more likely the recruiter is to be added to better roles, promoting more successful recruitment partnerships.

Who can see the Candidate Acceptance Rate?

The Candidate Acceptance Rate is visible to both employers and the HeadRace team. Employers can use this rate to evaluate the consistency and quality of candidates a recruiter submits for roles, allowing them to partner with recruiters who are more likely to provide suitable candidates. The HeadRace team uses the CAR to monitor and manage recruiter performance. Additionally, the algorithm we use for role allocation is designed to prioritize recruiters with higher CARs. This means that a higher acceptance rate increases your visibility to our system, enhancing your chances of being invited to participate in more roles. The CAR plays a critical role in your performance and growth potential on the HeadRace platform.

How does Candidate Acceptance Rate affect recruiters?

A high CAR suggests that a recruiter understands the job requirements well and consistently submits high-quality candidates. This could result in being added to more or better roles. Conversely, a low CAR could lead to fewer role allocations.

How to view your Candidate Acceptance Rate?

You can view your CAR on your HeadRace dashboard.

How to improve your Candidate Acceptance Rate?

Improving your CAR can be achieved by:
Thoroughly understanding job requirements before submitting candidates
Rigorously vetting candidates to ensure they meet all role requirements
Providing detailed and accurate candidate profiles to employers
Continually learning from feedback and making necessary adjustments
Elaborating on why the candidate is a good fit for the role when submitting them for the role in the justification portion

I have questions about my Candidate Acceptance Rate. Who can I speak to?

If you have any questions, need further clarification, or believe there may be an error about your CAR, please feel free to reach out to our support team at We're always here to help!
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