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Introduction / Notes on this Prototype

Supporting Common Use Cases

There are 2 main uses for the OKR sheet:
Consuming information
Editing the information
Coda allows us better options for consumption though publishing features which effectively separate the consumption and editing flows and UI, letting each focus on a modality suited for the goals of the user at that moment.
When consuming you want dashboards and charts and ideally no ability to accidentally edit when clicking around. When editing you want to modify that without any fuss.
In addition Coda has other features like notifications (and potentially “following” allowing one to get emails when certain OKRs are updated).
Coda isn’t more difficult to use than Google Sheets, but will likely be unfamiliar to most people. That being said, the learning curve is short and most basic features are comparatively self evident and intuitive.

Other Cases

Communication: Coda lets use tag others with comments, just like Google Sheets, as well as assign owners to tasks / OKRs

What’s Missing from this Prototype

Polish. It’s likely clunky here and there—functions or buttons not working. This is more of a proof of concept the moment. Expect some bugs.
Individual OKRs. We can build them out if we decide this is a tool we want to explore further.
Progress for goals that aren’t measured out of 100%. Should be a small change to the calculation table to support that case.
Automated OKR progress over time graph. I suspect we can build this here too. Haven’t looked into it much yet.

Known Issues

Follow buttons don’t work at the moment
Can’t make Team level OKRs align to multiple Company level OKRs
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.