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Please read me first before you book

If you’re working in a startup, non-profit or open-source project/community and you need any of my services but worried about my rates, please stop. I’m starting to charge only those who can afford it to see if I can start doing this full-time (I mean being self-employed slash working full-time on OSS + Recap Time Squad).
I regret that I can’t offer ongoing 1:1 to everyone (especially to my recurring paid subscribers at Substack/BMAC) due to various reasons, but I’m still available via email and chat for non-urgent situations and low-priority/async support. Paid support via email and respective issue trackers are available for those who can afford it, although please do not expect 24x7 availability.


While my inbox and DMs are (a bit) open, please be mindful of , my personal boundaries and my mental health + schedules. You might be either ignored or even blocked if you do.
If you’re here for mental health reasons, I could listen to your story and give you resources and a bit of my personal advice but please be noted that I’m not a therapist or a psychiatrist or in any way affiliated with any medical institution or practice. Although I’m neurodivergent developer and writer here that also need rest and breaks too, I recommend booking a 1-on-1 meeting with a fellow neurodivergent (my personal recommendation is , who maintains the here on Coda)

Book today

Via Coda

To get started, click the button below to open a form hosted on Coda in a new tab. If you could afford to pay for my services, please let me know so that I can invoice you during the process.

Via my services page on Buy Me a Coffee

Currently USD prices are for one-off consultations and collabs, not recurring. If you do want recurring ones, please use the form linked above.
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