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Last edited 350 days ago by Andrei Jiroh Halili (ajhalili2006)
Hi, I’m
@Andrei Jiroh Halili (ajhalili2006)
, founder and current squad lead of Recap Time Squad and writer for The Bloody Hell PH publication, and I’m available for both consultation and collabs.
On most cases, I’m available for asynchronous meetings over chat/email/other platforms as you choose due to how busy am, I although I could try schedule a sync meeting with you if schedule permits.

Consulting Services

As a consultant, I provide support for both personal projects and Recap Time Squad projects under most of the acceptable open-source licenses. I’m also available for any licensing inquiries, particularly on needing a custom license (especially for those who licensed under copyleft ones such as AGPL or non-software ones such as Creative Commons licenses with Non-commerical/NoDerivs), though I’m not a lawyer if you need a deeper understanding of licenses in your business case.
I’m also open for code reviews and help in community moderation and documentation.


While I’m not your regular YouTuber or streamer, I’m also looking for collaborations on your work, whenever it’s just regular proofreading/research chores or even a guest post on your own company (assuming I used your product and I enjoyed it), I’m all in.
In case you do want a recurring collab with yours truly for whatever reason
Disclaimer: I’m not an events manager, so please do not send any inquiries relating to that.

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