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Creating, Delivering and Capturing Business Value
The Business Model Canvas, developed by , is a visual template used for developing new business models or changing existing ones. The canvas creates a shared language of the 9 basic building blocks or elements that show how a company intends to make money. It is considered a blueprint for the strategy to be implemented through organisational structures, processes and systems.


A business model describes the rational of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value.
The Business Model Canvas has been applied and tested around the world and is successfully in use in most organisations and have been widely adopted.
The visual framework and the building block concept allows you to easily describe and design business models to create new strategic alternatives.
Building Models to evolve your strategy can help you make changes needed as well as (re)discover opportunities.

Five Elements you need to focus on:

Why do you do what you do and what you believe in
POSITIONING: What makes you unique compared to others?
BUSINESS MODEL: How you create value and make money?
PRODUCTS/SERVICES: What you sell to your customers?
INNOVATION: What/How novel experience you may offer?

Without such a Birdseye view it is difficult to systematically challenge assumptions about one’s or competitor’s business model and innovate successfully.
Start with the Customer Value Proposition Design and then work on the 9 building blocks of the business model. You could alternatively go through some of the youtube video references before diving into

YouTube Video References

Strategyzer You Tube Channel

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