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Designing the Customer Value Proposition

The Value Proposition is a carefully crafted pitch that explains the benefits of using your product or service; what problems it solves for your ideal customer; and what makes your business or solution unique and superior to the alternatives available in the market.


For whom are you creating value? What are the customer segments that either pay, receive or decide on your value proposition?
There are 3 things we do for each customer segment
1. Customer Jobs ⚠️
Look at your Customer Segment and begin with the Customer’s Jobs - describe what your customer is trying to get done in their personal or professional context. It could be a task they are trying to perform, complete; a problem they are trying to solve or a need they are trying to satisfy.
Here are some trigger questions...
What is the one task the customer must accomplish?
What are the stepping stones to help the customer achieve this key task?
What tasks of the customer require interaction with others?

2. Customer Gains - Outcomes or Benefits they seek 🙂
What emotional needs will be satisfied by accomplishing the task?
How does the customer want to be perceived?
What actions will help the customer achieve that perception?
How does the customer measure success and failure?
How do they gauge performance, quality or cost?
What will delight the customer?
Is there a specific feature they would enjoy?

3. Customer Pains - Annoyances or Deterrents in satisfying a need ☹️
List anything that would annoy your customer in the process of achieving or not achieving the task
What are the key challenges or difficulties they encounter?
What risks would they want to avoid?
What would stand in the way of the customer adopting your value proposition?


Begin by stating the product(s) and/or service(s) you offer that help your customer achieve their key task(s); their uniqueness and superiority over others in the market.
The product(s) and/or service(s) could be tangible/digital/virtual or intangible or financial.
Which ancillary product(s) and/or service(s) will contribute to their perception of success, status?

Then List your Gain Creators - How you intend to deliver the outcomes and benefits that the customer expects, desires or would be pleasantly surprised by. These could include functional utilities, social gains, positive emotions and cost savings. ✨
High Quality
Specific features
High Performance
Low cost of ownership
Easy adoption
Low risk

Finally List your Pain Relievers - How your product(s) and/or service(s) alleviates their pains. 💊
Time, effort and/or cost saving
Obstacle elimination
Loss of trust, power, status
Financial, social, technical, risk elimination

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