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MatcHR's Employee Handbook Published
Before you start

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Before you start

We have all gone through the same process as you and we all know that feeling of anxiety and perhaps some nerves before your first day. We will try to make your onboarding as welcome and smooth as possible.
Any feedback on how we can improve this is more than welcome! Before you start please read this article “The everything guide to being the new employee”

Your onboarding checklist before you start

👉 Don’t use this checklist to mark things off but go through it to make sure everything is in place. You will have your own checklist in your onboarding schedule.
You have a contract in place with MatcHR
You have a laptop/PC with access to Microsoft Office
You have access to your Outlook with a MatcHR email address
You are added to the MatcHR group mail by clicking on this link
You have access to One Drive
You have a Zoom account
You have a LinkedIn account
You have access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator (We will reimburse you at the end of each month)
You are added to the Whatsapp group
You read the “Everything guide to being the new employee”
You read the “Before you start” section in Coda
You have access to your onboarding schedule in Coda
You are super excited to start!

How we work at Matchr

The videos below should give you a bit of an understanding on how we work at MatcHR. Don’t worry if this all seems like abracadabra to you. We will explain it in person :).

How we work at MatcHR, a brief overview 🌎

How we work at MatcHR as a Sourcer 🔎

How we work at MatcHR

How we work at MatcHR as a Recruiter 🤩

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Social Activities in your onboarding

Access our onboarding activities page here:

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