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Build and manage active online communities from your own domain

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Building an engaged digital community requires more than just going viral on Twitter. (“This hot take on Euphoria is going to make me so many friends… and enemies.”)
Your community needs to interact, meet virtually, and share resources, but constantly toggling between different tools creates more confusion than connection.
Looking for one platform that’s packed with all the tools you need to build an engaged online community right from your own domain?
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Host all of your community interactions in one place, from chat threads to live events
Create group membership structures with dedicated channels and forums


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Heartbeat is a communication and sharing platform that lets you host chats, live events, content, and courses under your own domain.

With Heartbeat, you can create and build an online community based on real-time interactions.
The intuitive dashboard gives you an overview of groups and threads, making it easy to create specific channels for group chats or direct messages.
You can also use the GIF library, emoji reactions, and typing indicators to keep ongoing conversations exciting.
Heartbeat main dashboard

Create channels for any topic, tag members, and share GIFs to keep the conversation flowing.

You’ll also be able to scale up your interactions with shared documents and live events.
Using the events features, you can plan your event, share invitations, and send reminders in just a few clicks.
You can even integrate with your Google or Outlook calendar to have events appear directly on members’ calendars.
Keep everyone in your community in the loop using shareable documents, embedded live videos, and slide presentations.
New event invitation interface

Send event invitations, calendar appointments, and event reminders with just a few clicks.

Heartbeat lets you create groups based on interest, location, or specialty within your larger community, so you can foster more peer interaction.
From there, you can set up channels, documents, and events tied directly to those groups.
Plus, you can manage access for new members, so they can start interacting with your community right away.
Groups and subgroups

Create subgroups based on any criteria, granting access to private channels and events.

Heartbeat also has tons of useful integrations to keep your tools and communities connected.
Integrate with Stripe to charge for memberships, create paid groups, or even sell event tickets.
Best of all, you can also integrate with Zapier to connect Heartbeat to thousands of tools, including Zoom, Slack, and Salesforce.
Payment form

Integrate with Stripe for a seamless payment experience!

Piecing together community-building tools should be as easy as making a Pop-Tart. (“Step 1: Put in toaster or don't. Step 2: Done.”)
Heartbeat lets you create engaging groups, share documents, and host live events, so you can build an awesome online space.
Let's bring your community together.
Get lifetime access to Heartbeat today!
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