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Test Series

Tier I [Diagnostics]

Last year over 200 Acads learners cleared Phase I. Guess, the number of learners who submitted tests on the platform?
Yes, 41 Out of 200.
Every serious aspirant knows the importance of writing tests and getting it evaluated by experts. But, they all face one major hurdle - INERTIA. Yes, the same thing that Newton explained in his first law of the motion.
Fortunately, he gave the solution in second law itself: F =m*a. Assuming force/effort is same on aspirants side, high acceleration can be achieved by reducing the mass.
Diagnostic Tests is based on the same concept. Every learner is made to write 1-2 questions per day for a week, with different day focussed on different aspects of answer writing. In fact, aspirants are deliberately given unknown, random and uncertain questions to remove the fear of answer writing from their hearts ♥️
Once, the learner is comfortable with tackling descriptive questions, we move him to the next tier - Tier II [Full Length tests]

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