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Acads RBI Advanced Interview Program
Last year RBI rewarded marks ranging from 2 to 73 (out of 75) in Interviews, with over 1/3rd candidates scoring marks in single digits. The message is loud and clear - It doesn't matter how high you score in Phase 2, it's us (RBI Service Board) who will decide your ultimate selection. To ensure this, they have increased weightage of interview to 75 marks this year.
Prepare smartly for RBI with team that have experience of clearing IIMA, IIT, RBI, Wharton, ISB Interviews.

Biodata Filling Session

Think from the RBI service board's point of view.
They know nothing about you. Nothing.
Except Biodata.
After exit of the previous candidate and before your entry into the room, board members have around 3-4 minutes to discuss last candidates performance and to have a cursory glance at your biodata.
Based on this 50-70 seconds analysis, chairman prepares a broad outline to start your interview.
The bottom line is your biodata decides the framework for your interview.
In this video, we'll give you a quick way to quantitatively predict the framework of your interview. This will be done through "Profile Index"
What is profile Index? Profile index is an indicator to predict the proportion of technical vs profile based question

Acads One to One Biodata Session

One 2 One Biodata session
Profile based questions
Expected Interview questions

Acads Personalized Biodata Report (PBR)

Acads Personalized Biodata Report (PBR) consists of
1. Assessment on the basis of Knowledge, Communication, Answer Structuring and Stress management
2. Today’s Score
3. Potential Score
4. Positives
5. Areas to work upon
6. Suggestions to boost your marks
7. List of expected questions based on profile

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