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Wow! Undoubtedly this is the most innovative course in RBI Grade B preparation - seems too good to be true. How can I enrol into it?
Acads CRC is an invite only course. Keeping in mind the mentorship focussed approach and the kind of resources it demands from ur end, we keep seats limited in the course.
You can apply for CRC through
I liked the idea of two tier test series. But, is it going to be evaluated?
Of Course!
Frankly speaking, it surprised us when someone asked this question for the first time. But, then someone else had the same query and then more...
Then, we realised that’s how present RBI preparation happens. Learners are given sample answers and asked to evaluate themselves. This is wrong on multiple levels
Unlike objective, subjective paper has no one correct answer. One can write a completely different answer than the sample answer and can still be right
Everyone has different styles of writing answers. Giving them one style of model answers is a sure shot recipe for disaster
Descriptive answer writing involves n number of variables. Without active mentorship, model answers are of no use.
Most importantly, the way RBI is getting more and more analytical every year, mugging up model answers is nothing but waste of time. Acads focuses on making our learners ready for any unexpected question and removing the fear of unknown from their mind
I am completely new to RBI Grade B preparation. Can I join this?
Yes, this course has been designed for everyone who has passion and zeal to work hard for one’s dreams.
However, before joining you must fill the form and should enrol in the course after having a discussion with Acads mentors.
I am an engineer. How to go about answer writing?
We are engineers too and like you we were afraid of writing and literature (when we were young :P). But, what we assumed to be our weakness, turned out to be our great strength
Engineering taught us how even the most difficult problem can be tackled easily if you break it down and take one step at a time
Is based on the same concept
Made for Engineers, By the engineers
Does it include Phase 1 test series?
No. We don’t offer Phase 1 test series. Phase 1 test series is more about “absolute evaluation” than “relative evaluation”. Acads batch hardly go beyond 1000 learners. In such a case, it is advisable to attempt a test series that witnesses participation of at least 10,000 learners.
What is the Validity of the course?
Till Phase 2 of next RBI Grade B exam - even if it happens in 2023 or 2025
Any discount available?
Acads mentorship based courses are never offered on any discount.
Offers will be released only 3 times on these courses and that too not more than 12% - Upon release of Notification, Pi Day (3/14) and Approximate Pi day (22/7)
I still have more queries.
Mail us on or Fill Form.

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