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Phase I

Reasoning [R of QRE]

RBI 2021 cutoff touched an all time low of 66.75 this year. To give you an idea the cutoff was 122 last year. While this points towards increasing difficulty of RBI phase I, it can prove to be a blessing in disguise for aspirants. Aspirants can leverage QRE to ace Phase I with more certainty and surety.
If done smartly, one can score 45 in reasoning. Yes, that means you can clear the cutoff even if you score 25 out of remaining 140!
Make sure you make this the strong area of yours.
Good thing about Reasoning is - unlike quant it is not dependent on your background. Irrespective of one’s background one can score high in Reasoning. You just have to make sure that you are good with common sense!
Acads smartly classifies reasoning topics in order of return/effort ratio and starts with high yields topics to move towards diffficult to crack topics. This ensures that the learner gains confidence during his journey journey
Due to high weightage, three tier strategy is followed
Focus on topics that one can master in shortest possible time to score 20+ score
Level II efforts on topics that will increase score to 30+
Finally, for those who want to leverage reasoning as their strong area to target 45+

Prepared by CAT 99.9 percentilers we ensure that learners receive nothing but the best when it comes to Reasoning.
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