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Phase II

FM Descriptive Templates

When you present something as revolutionary as template based learning, you can’t just explain in words.
TBL - Targeted at engineers and those who find it difficult to come up with large number of unique points in descriptive answers.
Template based learning ensures candidates have ready made templates for all important keywords in the syllabus. RBI requires learner to write around 500 words for an answer in a limited time, for descriptive paper. Candidates usually fail to write even 500 words and even if they write it, the content lacks in both quantitative and qualitative terms.
Acads template based learning [TBL] solves all these problems in most efficient and innovative way!
We provide templates for all major topics which enables to write 20-30 uniques ideas on all important keywords of syllabus. Never be afraid to write 600 words again.
It’s okay if the above image doesn’t make sense as of now. What you need to know is, when expanded, it will result in 86 Points!!
Agriculture Template
Just need to remember three words [Check image for the visualization part]
FIRST comes first => These are the pre-production dimensions in agriculture. i.e. Fertilizer, Irrigation, Reforms Land, Seed, Technology
MSP and more MSP => MSP MSP-ER. Keyword for post factor dimensions in agriclture i.e. MSP, marketing, Supply chain, Processing, Exports and Retail.
✅ ICICI is at the core of Indian Banking => Core dimensions are Investment, Credit, Insurance, Climate Change, Involvement
Using this model along with principles of inheritability and replicability, one can easily generate over 15-20 points score high marks in questions well within the time-limit. Quality alone is not enough, Quality in limited right is important.
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