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Phase II

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Finance Objective

Although as a business, we should not divulge the secret. But as a teacher, we have to!
Finance is the most overrated portion. Period.
Let us put things in perspective for you!
Total weightage of FM section: 300/3 = 100
Weightage of Finance Section: 100/2 = 50
Weightage of Finance Objective: 50/2 = 25
Weightage of Finance static portion: 25/2 ~ 10 Marks => 0.5 to 1 day time between Phase 1 and Phase 2
Before you pickup any bulky book/content, think logically. Read only something that you can revise in less than 1 day!
Don’t let anyone tell you that the section is going to be difficult for you just because you are from Non-finance background.
Don’t waste time running after difficult numerical portions. In Acads CRC, you will be provided only the content that is useful from exam point of view.
Innovative compilation and pedagogy techniques will further optimize the content to provide you the highest return on time invested.
Believe us, Finance is the most fun subject if done the Acads way, and most scoring too! Acads Finance is
Compact, but Comprehensive.
Fun, but exam oriented.
Genius, but easy to understand.

Prepared by faculties from top investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Barclays (Avoiding mentioning IIMA and IITB to avoid sounding repetitive) Acads offers the Finance course with highest return on time invested.
Sample Content
Practical Finance
Acads Practical Excel finance not only makes the learning permanent and fun, but also helps in quick coverage of syllabus. This single sheet of excel will help you finish 80% of the bond numericals.
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Smart Compilation
Helps you quickly grasp and revise complex concepts

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