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Phase II

ESI Schemes

Every year 30-35 marks questions are asked from Schemes in RBI grade B. But this is also the portion which aspirants find the most challenging. As one gets only 10-15 days after phase 1 to revise for Phase 2, it is important to have short, to the point ready and crisp notes ready for the revision.
On request of many aspirants Attaching PDF to show how you can make your notes for the schemes.
Bodies associated with any scheme are important. Make sure you keep an eye on that
Don’t just copy paste from PIB. It will prove to be a time blackhole later on. It will absorb all of your time with no outcome
Know about the beneficiaries of the scheme
Do not write basic points about any scheme. It will make your notes bulky and difficult to revise.
Use color coding to highlight the important facts

Sample PDF
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