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Phase II

ESI Objective

Economy and Social Issues!
ESI alone carries weightage equal to both Finance and Management together. However, aspirants often ignore this subject. Sometimes due to overconfidence, but mostly because of lack of quality study material.
It is easiest to score marks in ESI, provided one is studying the subject smartly. Golden rule remains "Avoid any material which is more than 200 pages!"
ESI Objective course will consist of following
Compact. Notes for ESI [89 pages for the whole static ESI]
Lecture videos: Short videos focussed on important and high yield content from the notes.

Sharing sample notes from MarksUp on Monetary Policy. Compact but comprehensive.
Always remember, the secret to success in any exam is revision. Don't start a book/material if you can't revise it at least 10 times.
Study Smart, Not Hard.

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