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Phase I

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Current GA [Flash Cards]

Acads revolutionalized RBI Grade B preparation with introduction of mnemonics, smart compilation and context based flashacards into RBI Prep.
At Acads, our task does not end at just providing you with the best material. The learner should also be provided with best studying techniques like Acads context based flash cards
Flash cards helps learners in quick and effective revision of the content. Acads flash cards one step ahead of conventional flash cards in the sense that Acads provides context based flash cards that helps learner absorb and internalise hard to remember facts better.

Features of Acads Context based flash cards

Direct mapping with GA capsule
Leaner can chose to mark any if the options on a flash card
Too Soon: Card will be shown again in nest 1 hour
Forgotten: Card will be presented again in 2 minute
Partially recalled: Card will be presented again in 30 minutes
Recalled with efforts: Card will be presented again in 24 hours
Immediately: 4 days
Context and interlinkages are ensured in each flash card
e.g. Schemes > Health > Initiative
Accessible on mobile to help working candidates revise the content on the go.
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