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Phase I

Current GA

Undoubtedly the most scoring and important section for Phase I. Aspirants often mistakenly try to prepare for the same in the same manner as that of other banking exams. This proves to be a major mistake later on because of following reasons
RBI GA is much more analytical than other banks’ exam. This is especially true for the post 2021 era
Bank exams GA material often lacks components of smart study and encourages candidates to focus on rote learning
RBI GA is mostly focussed on last 4-6 months.
How we do it differently?
Acads GA was one of the most popular course in RBI 2020 with over 1000 candidates getting benefitted from the same.
Acads compiles 6 month current affairs in a smart paper in less than 60 pages. This allows learners to save their precious time after notification in going through multiple bulky compilations.
Features of Acads GA Capsule [60 Pages]

Comprehensive coverage of GA from 6 months in 60 pages
Hit ratio upto 65+/80 in RBI previous year papers
Especially curated and made for RBI exam, making the capsule free from redundant information
Smart compilation of CA that increases retention by up to 64%
Use of mnemonics and memory tricks to help you remember important facts
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