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What makes us different?

AI Powered Topic Listing

Every exam has two kind of syllabus - one that examiner wants you to study and second - the one you should be studying
The one that you should be studying comprises of micro topics that provides highest return on your time invested. No doubt, it takes efforts to come up with micro topics and patience to actually conduct that research. But, rest assured, once done it yields rich dividends.
Acads leverage advanced AI algorithms that scans through available PYQs [which is a really difficult task in case of RBI due to lack of availability of official papers and dynamic pattern of RBI]. This enables us to provided target and effective course material for our learners. We cover every topic to the depth required to ace RBI.
When in the final lap of preparation [between P1 and P2], Acads learners know what to study, how to study and when to study

WHAT: Learn what matters.
HOW: Learn in a way it sticks
Learning solution for Humans
By combining these two principles of WHAT & HOW into a learning paradigm, Acads takes learning science and translates it into learning solutions in the real world.
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